Never worry about damaged or ruined scissors again - Let Diamond Rose Sharpening restore your scissors to factory new!

Precision Scissor Sharpening by Diamond Rose Sharpening

Free Shipping (both ways) Free Loaner - Satisfaction Guaranteed

Three Easy Steps sharpening

Never worry about damaged or ruined scissors again.

Step one

Call us Between 8:00 Am and 5:00 PM
Mountain Time 1-303-217-8660
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Get Your FREE Mailer

Priority Mail

* We provide FREE shipping both ways. All you pay is for the sharpening itself.

* Give us your contact information, we will send a postage paid mailer. All you do is drop it in the mail to our Service Center

* We will send a loaner if you need something to cut with while we sharpen yours.

* Or, we can send a new shear of your choice you can try at no charge while we sharpen yours.

* We will offer you our current customer discount for sending your shears for sharpening.

* Our Sharpening is $35.00 each with a minimum of two shears. You can send two styling shears, or a styling shear and a texturizing shear.

* Of course you can send more if you like.

* Our staff can answer any questions when you call 303-217-8660.

Step two

Place your scissors in the package we mail to you.

Mail Box

We do all styling shears

Musashi RP4 5.5

We do all texturizers

Musashi MR28T 60
Step three

Return the loaner if applicable or,

Pay for your new shear (we offer interest free payments for your convenience)

Return Loaner in the package we supply

Mail Box

Take advantage of our "Customer's Discount"

Keep Your next FAVORITE Shear

Flower S25
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