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What They Say


"Ever since I got these shears I use them everyday. They fit perfectly in my hands and you can easily manuever around the head. Perfect for trimming, and when your cutting and run into the different bevels of the head."


This is one of my favorite texturizers (MD12T)out there! It is perfect FOR find blending, something i do often giving haircuts. Thanks Musashi!


This shear (MR18)is perfect to use everyday. I've been using it 6 days a week for 3 weeks now and its still cutting like new. I didn't know my order would come with a tension control key and ring sizers! I will be ordering from Musashi again in the future.

Jason L.

Why own your own small business - continued
Our complete business package may be exactly what you have been looking for

I am not opposed to debt if it is creating a positive cash flow. For example, you can go into debt for a new car that will depreciate as you drive it off the lot, or you can go into debt to start your small business that will meet your financial needs both now and for the future. In addition to meeting your financial needs, a small business can give you the flexibility to spend more time with your family. There is no need to miss your children's school functions when you are the boss of your small business.

A work from home business like the scissors sharpening and sales business we can help you establish is great because of the lack of overhead. There is no rent to pay, no utilities or employees to worry about. Your only overhead in our work from home small business is fuel for your vehicle to get from your home to the first salon. The consumables are a negligible amount and your profit margins are generally 50% or more. If you are concerned about security, it should be obvious by now that working for someone else does not provide real security. We know too well the meaning of downsizing, outsourcing, labor reduction and the impact of corporate mergers. You can establish your own security by starting your own small home based business.

Some advise buying a franchise, others suggest purchasing an existing business, but Norm Brodsky, author of "the Knack" says you are much better off starting your business from scratch. We can assist you in starting your business by providing the tools and the training. We will also share our experiences from both personal efforts in the field and those we have observed using our sharpening system in locations from around the entire country. Don't delay. Get started planning your financial success today. Call and ask to speak with WL Laney inventor of the Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening System. The number is 303-217-8660. Learn how you can own your own home based small business within the next thirty days and never worry about losing a job again.

by WL Laney