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What some people are doing with our Money Machine and scissors sales business

While visiting his kids and grand kids for a Friday night football game Don H. stopped in a Great Clips to make his trip a tax write-off. The net result was three scissors sales and more than $1,000 commission on the sales on a Saturday morning.

Phil M. was called to sharpen a pair of shears on a Sunday. He ended up sharpening 6 pair for total of $210.00 - not bad for an unscheduled Sunday afternoon.

William got a call to come sharpen a pair of shears. He only sharpened the one pair, but sold five pair as a result of being in the salon to sharpen the one pair.

What They Say


"I've been a hair dresser for 30 years. I purchased the MR5 7.0 and I love them. They are very comfortable, very light, I love that they don't have those screws on top so you can cut this way and you can cut that way, without it being in the way. It's comfortable, it's long enough, it's sharp enough and I just love them. I can't say enough good about them."

Roya M

About our Business Ownership Opportunity

The right small business can be the "money making machine" you have been looking for

Our complete business package may be your best chance to own your own small business with a minimal cash outlay. Owning your own home based business can be the permanent long term solution to your job/income needs. In your search for a small business you must recognize that every home based business comes with risks and rewards. Every entrepreneur has a tenancy to look at the rewards instead of the risks. The successful entrepreneur is able to calculate the risks associated with the business opportunity and weigh his or her strengths against the inherent risks associated with the business under consideration.


A turn-key business opportunity with ongoing home office support

We support your sales efforts and offer technical support for sharpening the shears. Yes, you own your own business, but you are not just hanging out there on your own. We will share our knowledge and experience with you. Call to get our advice and opinions, then make your own decisions about how to further your business.
Take advantage of our experiences as well as other purchasers of our system. Click Here to see what they say. Together we can enjoy success in this very unique segment of the multimillion dollar beauty industry.


Who we are

We bring value, innovation and growth to your business.

Our sharpening system gives you a significant advantage over the competition. They simply cannot match factory specifications with the antiquated equipment available for purchase. People of integrity appreciate the value of our patented machine and its ability to do hair cutting scissors right without damaging the cutting edge.

Sharpening scissors
  • Patented technology
  • Match factory specifications
  • Perfect match for either a convex or bevel cutting edge
  • Perfect match for the 800 millimeter radius
  • Top Quality products to sell